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CoolSculpting Frequently Asked Questions

CoolSculpting FAQS
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How does the fat reduction process work?

The CoolSculpting procedure distributes controlled cooling to the area of concern that precisely targets the fat cells underneath the skin without affecting the surface of the skin. The area of fat cells treated are “crystalized”, or frozen. When these fat cells are frozen, they will gradually die off, and your body’s natural processes will eliminate the dead fat cells, resulting in 20 % fat reduction to the treated area. These results are said to be long term because your body will never reproduce the fat cells that were treated.

How do I know if I am a good candidate?

The Coolsculpting procedure is not for everyone, which is why your health history will be carefully reviewed at consultation. Also, CoolSculpting is not a treatment for obesity or weight loss. The best candidate for CoolSculpting is someone who has specific areas of concern that have been difficult to address with diet and exercise.

What should I expect the procedure to feel like?

Once the applicator is carefully applied to the area of concern, you may feel a pulling or suctioning sensation. Suction is utilized to pull up the skin so the cooling can reach the subcutaneous fat layer. Once the cooling begins, you will feel an increasing intense cold for about 5-10 minutes that will eventually cause the area to go numb. After the cycle is complete, the Coolsculpting technician will massage the area for 2-3 minutes in order to warm the area and initiate blood flow. Many patients describe the massage as a tingling sensation, which is due to numbness of the skin. Generally, patients do very well with this procedure and can return to normal activities immediately following the appointment.

How long does the procedure take start to finish?

The length of the procedure can vary based upon the number of areas being treated and the customized recommendation from the provider, but cycles typically take around 35 minutes each. Also, we have two CoolSculpting machines which means 2 cycles can be performed simultaneously. This will all be discussed at consultation.

When will I start to see volume reduction?

The volume reduction timeline can vary per patient. Some patients will start to see changes as quickly as 3 weeks. However, the most dramatic results are experienced after about 2 months. Patients are encouraged to return for a 6-8 week follow up visit to monitor progress.

Why not liposuction instead?

During the consultation appointment, our doctors and nurses will first deem you a candidate for the CoolSculpting procedure. After examination, our providers will determine what procedure you will benefit greater from. Liposuction surgery is a one-time procedure that is more invasive, requires anesthesia and a longer recovery. Patients with multiple areas of concern may benefit more from liposuction because they will require more CoolSculpting treatments to obtain desired results. Our providers will review all customized options with you at consultation.

What should I expect with recovery?

Most patients are able to return to their normal daily activities, including exercise, immediately after their appointment. You may experience some slight swelling to the treated area as well as some residual numbness that will improve each day. Compression garments are recommended to help reduce swelling quicker.

What happens if I gain weight after the procedure?

Patients are encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the CoolSculpting process. Maintaining a healthy weight will improve your results greatly. All patients are weighed at the time of the procedure and at follow-up appointments to monitor these results. If you do gain weight, the area that was treated will always have a smaller number of fat cells compared to areas that were not treated. However, the remaining fat cells of that area still have the potential to swell with weight gain or shrink with weight loss.

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