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After hundreds of successful Breast Surgeries, Dr. Stompro & Dr. Cheng know how to get their patients to their desired goals. Both doctors’ deep knowledge of every aspect of Breast Surgery, experience with hundreds of happy Breast Enhancement patients and their steadfast dedication to your goals are the factors that set us apart from the rest. Our doctors and medical staff go to great lengths to ensure our patients feel comfortable during every step of the process - from choosing their desired look, customizing a surgical plan, post-surgical care and follow ups. We emphasize patient care and dedicate a whole team to support you through your surgery because we understand the personal importance of a Breast Surgery to each patient. We look forward to supporting you in your journey.

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If i could give them more stars i would! AMAZING!!! This may be long but well worth the read, get comfy. So i knew as a teen i wanted a "boob job" now once i turned 18 i started getting Consultations mainly to get that priced base & find the right artist... now 13 Consultations later (excessive? maybe but i'm picky) I found Dr.Stompro by a good friend who had work done. So i go in for my free consultation, the women who work in the office are amazing very sweet, I meet Dr. Stompro and for the first time out of 13 other surgeons i feel comfortable to show him my body, i feel his humble honesty  and i think this is the guy FINALLY as he talks he addresses my breast shape and tells me straight i may not end up with the exact results i'm hoping for. DAMN ok i'm a little sad but as he explains and talks more i feel more confident if anyone can make me happy with my end results i think its him! not one surgeon before him had been this direct,hopeful and thorough. now i go home think a little bit and call and book my pre-op and surgery date! night before my surgery i had to cancel yes i was that person omg. well the staff once again amazing actually fully refunds my money! i rescheduled a few weeks later and bam! With help from almost everyone in that office i got my surgery date moved up to work around the holidays! The day has finally arrived and i feel like a queen, my nurse was amazing ( valley care Livermore) my anesthesiologist was awesome, nice & caring, Dr.Stompro goes over the procedure and next thing i know i'm home! i look down OMG I have boobs! Now i am at about a month and a half after my surgery and i absolutely love my results! He did exactly what i wanted i love love love them! he listened to my end goals, my likes, my dislikes and was able to sculpt my size A awkward shaped breasts into a very natural size D gorgeous part of my body! i will go in for all other things in the future! i would refer him to anyone looking to become confident in their own body!! THANK YOU DR.STOMPRO! Thank you to all the women who have worked with me along the way and still to this day!

Antoinette E.

Dr. Cheng performed my breast augmentation surgery for me in April. I decided to have him do the surgery on the recommendation of two of my friends. I met with him for my first consultation and was impressed with how he took the time to answer my questions. I went in thinking I would get saline but after speaking with Dr. Cheng about the differences between saline and silicone, I decided to go with silicone. He made me feel very comfortable. The day of the surgery was very relaxing and I didn’t feel nervous. Dr. Cheng's surgery staff were very attentive and friendly. They kept me very comfortable after surgery. After surgery I did not have any complications. I only needed to take the pain medication for about about 3-4 days.

Of course I was sore for a week or so after surgery but I was surprised how quickly I was able to get back into my routine. I healed great and I love the outcome!!!

Dr. Cheng's office staff is always very nice and professional. Dr. Cheng did a fabulous job and I would recommend him to anyone!

Lisa Z.

I love Dr. Stompro. I have personally had liposuction, as well as, I brought my daughter (adult) to him for a breast augmentation. Both of our procedures had wonderful outcomes! I love Dr. Stompro, because you can tell that he truly cares about his patients. I appreciate that he listens to what you want to have done, as well as advises and makes recommendations based on his expertise. Although I live in the Sacramento area, when friends ask about getting work done, I encourage them to get a consultation from Dr, Stompro and that I totally trust him and would make the trip to get work done in Danville.

Shelly B.