Morpheus 8 Microneedling RF

Powerful Combination of Microneedling and Radio Frequency for the Best Skin of Your Life

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Renew and rejuvenate your skin with the Morpheus 8, the most advanced and innovative microneedling radiofrequency device that addresses a wide variety of skin concerns! 

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What is the Morpheus 8?

Morpheus is a fractional skin tightening treatment used to stimulate collagen production deep in the skin not only on the face, but also the body, including stomach, arms, thighs and knees. Made popular by Kim Kardashian, who used Morpheus for stomach skin tightening, 

Morpheus 8 uses deep fractional radiofrequency to remodel and contour the face and small areas of the body that show signs of skin laxity, crepey skin, fine lines and wrinkles. 

The number 1 cause of skin aging is caused by the loss of collagen as we age. Collagen gives our skin that youthful bounce and as we lose collagen, fine lines and wrinkles appear. 

This is why skin treatments that stimulate your own body’s production of collagen are so effective at restoring that youthful radiance. 

Key Benefits

Skin Tightening
Collagen Production
Firms and Tones
Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Smooths Uneven Texture

Treatment Areas – Face & Body
One of the breakthroughs of the Morpheus 8 is it’s ability to treat the face, neck and chest as well as small body areas such as the stomach, arms, thighs and knees. The benefits for the face include skin tightening, improved skin tone and texture as well as reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Morpheus for the body focus on skin laxity and wrinkles.

How does it work?
The Morpheus 8 utilizes microneedling and radio frequency technology to resolve various skin concerns as well as sculpt the face. When the Morpheus 8 device is passed over the skin, the microneedles penetrate to a specific depth in order to cause controlled micro-injuries which triggers your body’s production of collagen, elastin and other healing agents to rebuild those areas stronger than before. At the same time the ultra fine needles are penetrating, Radio Frequency is applied, further enhancing the production of collagen and elastin while sculpting the area.

What are the benefits of Morpheus 8?
Morpheus 8 is a skin treatment:
– safe for all skin types
– minimally invasive with minimal downtime
– collagen and elastin production
– firms at tones the skin
– tightens skin and pores
– smooths skin
– reduces pore size
– improves radiance

What is the recovery of Morpheus 8?
There is no downtime after a Morpheus 8 treatment, however patients may experience some redness from the treatment that will subside in 1-3 days. Patients must stick to a recommended skin care routine and avoid going in the sun.

Who is a candidate for Morpheus 8?
Men or women with mild to moderate skin laxity in a treatable areas are a candidate. We offer all of our patients a complimentary consultation to determine if Morpheus 8 is the right treatment for your anatomy and goals.

When can I see a final result?
We recommend patients get between 3 and 5 Morpheus 8 treatments over the course of 2-4 months to see the final result around the 6 month point. Morpheus 8 triggers your body to rejuvenate the areas treated from the inside out by producing collagen and elastin, which takes months to achieve.

How many treatments are recommended?
After your consultation, our nurses will recommend a number of treatments, typically between 3-5 to start, tailored to you and your goals.

Which areas does Morpheus 8 treat?
Treatment areas for Morpheus 8 are:
– full face
– neck
– décolletage
– chest
– stomach
– knees
– thighs
– arms

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*Results may vary due to a number of factors. During your consultation, Dr. Stompro or Dr. Cheng will discuss the results you can expect.