Dr Cheng performed my mommy makeover on 12/3. I am exactly 6 weeks out and couldn’t be happier with the results. I lost 90 lbs and had loose skin on my stomach and very saggy breasts.  Immediate after surgery I could see the results, however now that I am 6 weeks out I can’t believe it is my body when I look in the mirror. Literally have shed tears of joy over it!!!. It truly is a dream come true. I am a huge wimp when it comes to pain and this was the major deterrent for getting the surgery. I read crazy things on the internet that scared me, however I can tell you this was not a bad experience at all. When pain was the worst, it was no more than a 5 and controlled with the pain meds they provided. I’m so excited to see what my results are in 6 months but my stomach scar already looks amazing. This has literally been one of the best gifts that I have given myself. This has been more than just the aesthetics. I have gain confidence, joy, and the oh ya I can wear a bikini for the first time in my life!!!! If you are on the fence or wondering if Dr Cheng is the right surgeon, only thing I can say is I couldn’t be happier with my results and experience !

Wendy T.

If i could give them more stars i would! AMAZING!!! This may be long but well worth the read, get comfy. So i knew as a teen i wanted a “boob job” now once i turned 18 i started getting Consultations mainly to get that priced base & find the right artist… now 13 Consultations later (excessive? maybe but i’m picky) I found Dr.Stompro by a good friend who had work done. So i go in for my free consultation, the women who work in the office are amazing very sweet, I meet Dr. Stompro and for the first time out of 13 other surgeons i feel comfortable to show him my body, i feel his humble honesty  and i think this is the guy FINALLY as he talks he addresses my breast shape and tells me straight i may not end up with the exact results i’m hoping for. DAMN ok i’m a little sad but as he explains and talks more i feel more confident if anyone can make me happy with my end results i think its him! not one surgeon before him had been this direct,hopeful and thorough. now i go home think a little bit and call and book my pre-op and surgery date! night before my surgery i had to cancel yes i was that person omg. well the staff once again amazing actually fully refunds my money! i rescheduled a few weeks later and bam! With help from almost everyone in that office i got my surgery date moved up to work around the holidays! The day has finally arrived and i feel like a queen, my nurse was amazing ( valley care Livermore) my anesthesiologist was awesome, nice & caring, Dr.Stompro goes over the procedure and next thing i know i’m home! i look down OMG I have boobs! Now i am at about a month and a half after my surgery and i absolutely love my results! He did exactly what i wanted i love love love them! he listened to my end goals, my likes, my dislikes and was able to sculpt my size A awkward shaped breasts into a very natural size D gorgeous part of my body! i will go in for all other things in the future! i would refer him to anyone looking to become confident in their own body!! THANK YOU DR.STOMPRO! Thank you to all the women who have worked with me along the way and still to this day!

Antoinette E.

Hands downs, absolute best experience with Dr. Cheng. From the very beginning stages, to the final days of surgery and now follow-ups; it has always been sheer positivity w/ Dr. Cheng.

He’s incredibly patient and ready to do whatever YOU want. He’s honest, confident, & thorough w/ his work and will do everything in his power to get you the results you’re seeking for.

Along w/ the pleasure of being Dr. Cheng’s patient, his staffing members are equally as amazing; from the Stanford Hospital team to the front desk staff- they’re always there to help! I’d do it all over if I could!

Mera F.

Love love my lips Courtney! I was so scared they would be over done but I’m getting so many compliments! They look natural and proportionate! Thank you and will def continue seeing you!

Also LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr Cheng! I’m not in love with him or anything but I love him and his magic hands. He’s off the Cheng!

Gisele S.

Courtney did her thang with my lips! I am so so happy I found her:) She is so experienced and knows what she’s doing. Definitely going back for my touch up when it’s needed. Thanks Courtney.

Mimi S.

Courtney has done my lip fillers twice and she is AMAZING. I asked her to make my top lip very defined and that’s exactly what she did! This is my lips a week and half later, all healed & I am so happy with the results!

Madison D.

Analyn Novenario, NP has the hands of an Angel!! I was nervous to try Botox for the first time but the lines between my eyebrows were driving me crazy! A friend of mine recommended Analyn because she is available after work hours…and I am so glad I finally did it! She is gentle and knew exactly where to inject. I was afraid I’d lose the movement in my eyebrows but I didn’t… My results* were great and lasted longer than I expected! Love!”


Dr. Cheng performed my breast augmentation surgery for me in April. I decided to have him do the surgery on the recommendation of two of my friends. I met with him for my first consultation and was impressed with how he took the time to answer my questions. I went in thinking I would get saline but after speaking with Dr. Cheng about the differences between saline and silicone, I decided to go with silicone. He made me feel very comfortable. The day of the surgery was very relaxing and I didn’t feel nervous. Dr. Cheng’s surgery staff were very attentive and friendly. They kept me very comfortable after surgery. After surgery I did not have any complications. I only needed to take the pain medication for about about 3-4 days.

Of course I was sore for a week or so after surgery but I was surprised how quickly I was able to get back into my routine. I healed great and I love the outcome!!!

Dr. Cheng’s office staff is always very nice and professional. Dr. Cheng did a fabulous job and I would recommend him to anyone!

Lisa Z.

I couldn’t be happier with the service and the results* I received from the procedure performed by Dr. Cheng. He is a true professional, as well as a very kind man. I never felt rushed. Dr. Cheng always takes time to sit and talk with me, and the excellent office staff accommodated my request for a last-minute appointment when my schedule changed. Parking is free and plentiful, and it’s nice to be able to also see him at their Hayward Office, which is closer to my home. The cost for the procedure is all inclusive for follow-up appointments, which is nice because insurance did not pay for this procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Cheng to anyone and have recommended him to several of my friends.

Terri A.

I love Dr. Cheng. I was very afraid of plastic surgery but I walked into this place and everybody made me feel so comfortable. I went there for a chin implant and a neck liposuction. I was sooo happy with the results*, and most important, with the recovery!!! I was off pain killers the second day. I went back for a full body liposuction, brazilian butt lift and the recovery was faster than I expected. I love my new body. He just has this taste for beauty! I love my new body and everybody asks me what I did. I fit on clothes I ever thought I would fit on. Eventually I came back for a boob job. I can proudly say that I was made in Danville. Ever since I got all these surgeries all I wear is small tops that show my belly, and low rise pants. The scars are minimal. For the liposuction and brazilian butt lift, he made a minimal number of incisions and did not leave scars really. For the breast augmentation, he made the incision in the under arm, and they feel and look sooo natural. For the chin implant, and neck lipo the incision is so tiny and in such a hidden place that nobody would ever know =) =). What else could I ask for? not much scars, beautiful recovery, and amazing results*!! I would never consider getting plastic surgery with any other doctor and I strongly recommend it to anybody who wants to go under the knife. And he answers aaaalll your questions. I never felt rushed by him. His staff are as friendly and amazing as they can get =).

Monica D.

About 4 years ago I got saline implants with Dr Cheng. I am beyond ecstatic with my results*. He took the time to listen and deliver exactly what I wad looking for. They look and feel natural. Since then I have been in to see Pam for juverderm and Botox and of course was happy with the results*. When it comes to looking fabulous and getting quality service, this is the place to go. Staff is friendly and attentive, I wont go anywhere else.


“Exceptional” “Outstanding Results*”
“Every day is a “good face day”

It was a photo that was the last straw – I saw myself and winced, thinking that if I looked like that in a photo, others probably saw me that way, too. The search was on – I knew I needed some “rejuvenation” and started to research procedures and practices. I started with Fraxel and saw results* immediately, but decided that my eyes and chin and neck needed something that would give me a bigger overall benefit. Having colleagues (physicians, nurses and medical device manufacturers) in dermatology and aesthetics was a help, but found some opinions that varied drastically. One doctor wanted to treat upper and lower eyes; another told me I was not a good candidate for lower lids, so my eye doctor referred me to an ocular plastic surgeon that was my tie-breaker – no to lower lid surgery. Along the way I asked my esthetician about all the “faces” she sees from Concord to Pleasanton and she recommended Dr. Stompro. My primary care physician also referred me, and others I met along the way who had positive experiences with his practice. When I saw him for my consult, he showed me what could be done from various perspectives and approaches from conservative to more detailed procedures. His concern, care, honesty and ability to be genuine and authentic with me was very comforting and my trust was already building after one visit. He had some very innovative solutions for my lower lids, and I did not feel pressured or rushed or like I was being “sold”. After comparing seven highly recommended plastic surgeons, I made a decision! My “gut” feeling about the level of trust and confidence combined with all the referrals really helped me decide.

My surgery was March 25th, 2010 – my lower lid area was treated with a chemical peel, upper eyes were surgically treated, a fat transfer added volume to my upper cheek/lower eye area and a mini-lift rid my neck and chin of the saggy baggy look. The pre and post-op care, level of support and care from the nurses and staff was amazing and the overall experience was truly exceptional.

The Results*: I lost many years off my face and neck and the results* are wonderful – and natural looking! The most surprising part of the experience is the level of confidence that I now have going into a new meeting and facing new clients. It has given me the ability to focus on the work, not worrying if I look too old or tired. I met with a CEO last week and he was so impressed with my level of experience but I wasn’t feeling like I looked “too old”. In today’s workplace for a woman aging it can be very difficult, but now I have the self-esteem and realization that I can do my job and be accepted for my abilities without judgment of appearance. I am so happy I can put my “best face forward”!

Thank you, Dr. Stompro!

M.C. Female Professional Business Owner, 58

Dr Stompro is great. He was very professional and addressed all my questions.The staff are very friendy and helpful. I had breast augmentation and lipo. Love the result. Recover time was really short. I went shopping the third day after the surgery. Highly recommend.

Jing W.

I have been a patient of Dr. Stompro and his office for years! It is tough to know who the right Plastic Surgeon, Nurse and staff to trust with your skin, body or face. I was lucky enough to find this office and have always had excellent results* and first class service! I have sent so many friends and family to them. All if whom had different needs with natural results* and no complications! They do non invasive lasers and injectables in their Medical Spa. Dr. Stompro and Dr. Chang make miracles happen! They are so artistic and seem to know just what you need! I am a new mom in need of a Mommie makeover and I know just where I’m going to have it done! I would give this office and their staff a 100 star rating if it was possible!

Karen M.

In February 2003 I had gastric bypass surgery. I lost a total of 177 pounds and needless to say I had LOTS of excess and sagging skin. I asked around for a good plastic surgeon, I even went to a couple appts with other doctors but never felt comfortable and got the impression they did not want to be bothered. BUT, lucky for me, Dr. Stompro and his staff were there. My first meeting with him was wonderful. I had always been very ashamed and embarrassed about showing my body but when I met with him and showed him all I needed done, he made me feel very at ease and not uncomfortable at all. Decided that the first things I wanted to do was my bi-lateral tummy tuck and my sagging arms. That was done in October 2003 and yes I had to spend the night in their surgery center. I was treated with total respect and all the nurses were very attentive to my needs. I had heard so many horror stories about tummy tucks, being on pain meds for weeks, etc. I was off of them in less than a week and that night after surgery the nurses had to keep telling me to stoop and not stand up straight. That was how little pain I had. About 10 days later I got all the staples out, there were lots, but the nurses and staff were right there with me and made me as comfortable as possible while they were removing them.

The next month I had my breasts put back where they should be with implants. Really no bigger than I had been just where they were supposed to be. Again, absolutely no problems with that. The next March I had a full face lift with laser resurfacing. My only complaints with that had nothing to do with Dr. Stompro’s office, it had to do with the person I hired to help me at home. Once all that healed I took a break and the next March I had my upper legs done to remove as much excess skin as he could. It is not an easy surgery due to where they have to cut and to keep it as dry as you can. You don’t realize how much you use your legs for till they are stitched. Dr. Stompro, Dr. Cheng and all the girls were wonderful to me through all of it. I was made to feel like a queen every time I had my appts and their followup was amazing. They became and still are almost like my second family. They have always watched over me and taken me under their wing. I would recommend them to anyone and believe me I trust every one of them with my life, I truly do.

People have to remember, any MD can do plastic surgery, but you want to make sure they are credited, schooled and have actual degrees in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. These days you have every dermatologist and others saying they are plastic surgeons when they have actually never had the correct training to be a true professional in the area. Dr. Stompro and Dr. Cheng have and they deserve all the business and good wishes that can come their way. The staff goes WAY out of their way to help you out and make you feel comfortable and that we are treated as special as everyone should be expected to be treated when we are going through those kinds of procedures. If anyone who reads this is even thinking about having any kind of work done, you owe it to yourself to make an appt with Dr. Stompro’s office, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Edna M.

I love Dr. Stompro. I have personally had liposuction, as well as, I brought my daughter (adult) to him for a breast augmentation. Both of our procedures had wonderful outcomes! I love Dr. Stompro, because you can tell that he truly cares about his patients. I appreciate that he listens to what you want to have done, as well as advises and makes recommendations based on his expertise. Although I live in the Sacramento area, when friends ask about getting work done, I encourage them to get a consultation from Dr, Stompro and that I totally trust him and would make the trip to get work done in Danville.

Shelly B.

I just had the neck lipo surgery yesterday. Everything happened just as Dr. Stompro explained it would. Dr. Stompro and his staff are very professional and caring. They explained everything and took time to make sure I was very comfortable. Everyone was genuinely interested in me and my procedure concerns, comfort and nervousness. All of the staff is exceptional, but Dr. Stompro made the difference. I met his wife at his office, who is a down to earth lovely lady. Delighted they had been married for 24 years and they have 3 kids together. He makes time to coach at is daughter high school. I liked the way everyone got along and the communication was upbeat and polite. I am definitely going back for the other procedures I was planning. The whole office has a genuine love of their job and the patients that come in. Thank you Dr. Stompro and Staff!

Jennifer B.

Dr. Stompro performed an eyebrow lift, upper and lower eyelid surgery to reduce the drooping of age, liposuction to my neck and a full face TCA peel. The result? Absolute perfection!! I couldn’t be happier with my results*. I thought about having this surgery for years, but was very apprehensive about surgery on my face. Dr. Stompro is a true artist. From start to finish I was very comfortable with my decision. He listened to my concerns, explained the procedure and recovery in great detail so I was completely prepared and calm when my surgery date arrived. At my pre-op appointment Morghan answered all of my NEW questions and even filled all my prescriptions so I didn’t need to make a trip to the pharmacy. Convenient!! During the prepping part of my surgery I remember Morghan rubbing my arm in such a comforting and loving way. Dr. Stompro called me that evening, the next day and the day after that to check on me! Needless to say, I had a wonderful experience. I look 10 years younger according to my husband and friends. My only regret is that I waited so long to do it!

Jennifer M.

Dr. Stompro performed a tummy tuck and liposuction and I couldn’t be happier with the results*. Dr. Stompro and his staff were professional and caring. As a person who had never had any type of surgery, I was extremely nervous about the procedure. Dr. Stompro answered all my questions and walked me through the procedure so i would know exactly what would be happening and what I would be feeling. His professional and caring manner instantly put me at ease. The procedure went very well and I am very satisfied with the results*. I would highly recommend Dr. Stompro and his staff if you are looking for the best in the biz!

Shanta F.

Dr. Stompro and staff are amazing! I’m extremely happy with my tummy tuck and liposuction results*! Once I decided to undergo these procedures, I went to several recommended plastic surgeons for consultations. When I met with Dr. Stompro, I knew he would be the surgeon I would select to perform my surgeries. During my consultation, he addressed every issue I had regarding the procedures as well as the safety of the procedures, which was one of my main concerns. Dr. Stompro conducted himself in a very professional and knowledgeable manner. He was very patient and spent time explaining and answering my questions. After my procedures, Dr. Stompro and his staff provided me with excellent care. I am extremely happy with my results* and have minimal lipo scarring! I strongly recommend scheduling a consultation with Dr. Stompro, if you are looking for one of the most professionally, skilled plastic surgeon and caring staff!


Everyone at Dr. Stompro’s office is fabulous. From the first office staff members I worked with, Lisa, Kristi, and Peggy to pre and post op with Morghan and of course Dr. Stompro, everyone is always so welcoming, informative, thorough, and helpful. The nurses and anesthesiologist at the surgery center were amazing as they worked overtime to make sure I was recovering well. Stacey’s thoughtful kindness was so appreciated in taking care of financial matters. Everyone went above and beyond with helping coordinate my care throughout my experience and I am confident that the whole team working with Dr. Stompro has my best interest in mind. Thank goodness I chose the surgeon I did. The whole practice is one I will be able to rely on for years to come.


Dr. Stompro did my surgery a few years ago and I think he is the best doctor I have ever been to, he has excellent bedside manners.Also his staff is very kind. I feel very blessed to have him as my doctor and I would recommend him. LOVE You Dr Stompro, thank you

Geri M.

*You have changed my life! I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism, artistry, & friendship! I am a new and beautiful person because of you & your beautiful and loving staff! I feel like my life has turned a full circle for the best! I have new confidence that I never thought could be possible! I wish I would have been a patient of yours years earlier however it’s never too late!! Thank you Dr Stompro & Staff! My wonderful husband of 25 years also thanks you for my newfound Happiness for Life!!

Rachel G.

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